What is agility?

Agility is a companion sport that continues to grow and attract attention each year. It focuses on the athleticism of the dog, along with the ability of the handler to properly navigate the dog through the agility equipment and a variety of stimulating courses. Typical obstacles include weave poles, hurdle jumping, ramps of varying inclination, teeters, tires, and tunnels. The sport is fun and competitive, yet casual.

Agility is something that both women and men, boys and girls can carry out with their pet dog no matter the breed, their mix, or your age and fitness level. You will meet like-minded new friends and spend quality time with your dog learning the equipment at class and getting ready to attend events such as Fun Matches or in competition at a Sanctioned Agility Trial for ribbons and titles. The games are judged for both speed and accuracy.

If you wish your dog could be more physical while getting the chance to work its full canine abilities, consider this rewarding sport, I know you both will benefit.

If you are considering joining an introductory class then no previous training is required, however you will find as you progress that a sit, come and stay are necessary components for progress. But hey one step at a time!

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